2004: King Lear

The Comedies are the customary fare for amateur Shakespearean productions and the Arcadians had presented them all at least once.  Antony and Cleopatra was the exception and, although it had been a great success, the proposal that we should 'go for broke' and stage King Lear was seen as the ultimate challenge remaining to us.  But it is a great play, and after some debate we took the 'brave' (some might have thought the 'foolish'!) decision to go ahead.

It proved to be an outstanding choice.  It was challenging and fulfilling for everyone involved in the production both on stage and off.  Although it was not our biggest Box Office success – some of our regulars may have felt it would not be a Summer's evening confection to go with their picnics – all those who came were impressed and moved.



Immediately after the production we had the distinction of featuring on the front cover of Amateur Stage and, four years later, when acting as Front of House Manager for The Winter's Tale, David Cahill, our Lear, was stopped every night by members of the audience to discuss the production.  This kind of recognition made it very special.