Welcome to the Cotswold Arcadians!

We are delighted to be able to announce that in 2021 the Cotswold Arcadians will be presenting The Tempest by William Shakespeare.  This will be directed by Jonathan Vickers and performed at Hatherop Castle in Gloucestershire from Monday 19 to Saturday 24 July.  If you would like to audition for a part, you will find more information on our Auditions page.

Probably Shakespeare’s last play, The Tempest is, for many, his finest achievement.  Alive with music, bursting with action, peppered with comedy, and suffused with mystery and magic, it brings together themes of love, revenge, forgiveness and redemption.  A climactic finale to the work of our greatest playwright.

The play is uniquely suited to the Arcadians.  Set entirely outdoors, and playing less than two hours, it brings us some of the bard’s most enthralling characters and some of his most beautiful language.  The perfect entertainment for a warm summer’s evening at Hatherop Castle.  A treat to look forward to in 2021!

Planning is already well under way and we’ll be posting more information as preparations progress.  If you would like to be added to our Mailing List and receive our publicity leaflet in April (either by email or by post) please email [email protected].  And if you’d like to be involved in the production itself – either onstage or backstage – please email [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you at Hatherop Castle once again next summer!

The Cotswold Arcadians stage large-scale open air Shakespearean theatre productions each summer.
The Cotswold Arcadians stage large-scale open air Shakespearean productions each summer.