Please note that Auditions will take place on

SUNDAY 5th NOVEMBER between 10am and 4pm

and on FRIDAY 10th NOVEMBER between 7.30pm and 9.30pm

at Quenington Village Hall, The Green, Quenington GL7 5BS

Anyone wishing to audition but not able to be present on these dates should contact Geoff Butterworth on 07768 360391 or email:




Character Profiles & Audition Pieces



The play has 12 speaking parts, each with more than 30 lines. There are 6 other small speaking parts, (with the possibility of some doubling) and we shall be looking to cast up to another 10 actors for non-speaking roles. These will include musicians and dancers.

There are three specific roles for women and another 3 or 4 of the speaking parts could be played by women. Selection of the character name below will take you directly to the appropriate audition piece(s) that can then be printed off. 

For those wishing to audition for small parts or non-speaking parts it would be good if you could select any 6 to 10 lines from Twelfth Night or from any Shakespearian role.

Click on your character's part below to VIEW PDF


Sir Andrew Aguecheek – a wealthy and dim-witted house guest at Olivia’s. He makes silly attempts to woo her. An easy butt of Sir Toby’s humour. 40+ in age. [Sir Andrew pt1 | Sir Andrew pt2]

Antonio – a sea-captain who rescues Sebastian. Once crossed Orsino in naval war and is arrested for it. Age 20 - 50. [Antonio]

Sir Toby Belch – Uncle to Olivia. An inveterate drunk and merry-maker. Unapologetic sponger off Sir Andrew. Keen to spite Malvolio. Bluff and blustery. Age 40 +.  [Sir Toby pt1 | Sir Toby pt2]

A Sea-Captain – rescuer of Viola. Appears only in the second scene of the play. Any age. [A Sea-Captain]

Fabian – a principal servant in Olivia’s household. Any age male/female. [Fabian]

Feste -  A professional jester who is an official fool to Olivia but moves freely between her house and Orsino’s. A wit and impersonator who acts as a commentator on the action rather than a participator in it. Should be able to sing (and play!) Age 30+. [Feste]

Malvolio – The steward in charge of Olivia’s household who aspires to wed his mistress. Inflexible and given to exacting standards of discipline. Age 40+. [Malvolio]

Maria –  Olivia’s lady-in-waiting who organises a plot against Malvolio. In love with Sir Toby. Age 30+. [Maria]

Olivia – A rich countess who rejects Orsino’s love and appears to be still grieving her brother’s death. Displays a hidden sensuality. Age 30+. [Olivia]

Orsino -  the Duke of Illyria who can think of nothing but his love for Olivia. More in love with the idea of love. Rather a simpering fop. Age 40+. [Orsino]

Sebastian -  Identical twin brother to Viola. Age 30+. [Sebastian]

Viola – Twin sister to Sebastian who disguises herself as a male-page, Cesario, to work in the service of Orsino. She falls in love with her boss. Age 30+. [Viola]

Other players – Curio (5 lines), Valentine (13 lines), Priest (8 lines), Servant (2 lines), Officers (16 lines), Musicians and Attendants.