Auditions for roles in the 2019 Arcadians production of Love's Labours Lost will take place on Saturday 13 October and Sunday 21 October 2018 at Quenington Village Hall (Directions below). These auditions are open to all-comers and below you will find links to the Script of the play, the Audition pieces and the Audition Form.
You will find character outlines just below the links and those wishing to audition should download, print and complete the Audition Form and either email it as instructed or bring it with you to the Audition session.

Click on links below to view and download PDFs


Character outlines

King Ferdinand:  serious-minded, earnest, changed by the transforming power of romantic love - 'My heart is in thy breast'.

Berowne:  witty, mature, some sardonic humour.  Love is superior to book-learning advocated by King.  Warmth, common sense.

Longueville: obstinate, blunt, sharp-witted, 'glorious in arms' (military, not Maria's).

Dumaine: young, 'great worthiness', somewhat naive.

Princess of France: strong character, quick-witted, intelligent, lively.  Defrosts the King.

Rosaline: referred to as 'pale' but not in character - witty, charming, provocative, a match for Berowne.

Maria: matched with Longueville, a 'figure in the courtly pageant of love'.

Katherine: matched with Dumaine, whose character she resembles, but no push over.

Lord Boyet: courtly smoothie, sycophantic, obsequious, mocked by the common sense Berowne in 5.2

Lord Mercade: one solemn announcement in Act 5 which alters the ending of the play.

Don Armado: central figure in the comedy scenes, OTT, 'this child of fantasy'.

Costard, a clown: rustic figure, quick witted, major player in the comedy scenes.  Illiterate commoner.

Moth/Mote: young lad, page to Armado whom he mocks to his face and behind his back. Sharp, intelligent. Comedy scenes.

Sir Nathaniel, the curate:  }  fast-talking pedants, Holofernes a snob,

Holofernes, schoolmaster:}  pseudo intellectual.  Both rather camp.

Jacquenetta: rustic wench lusted after by the absurd Don Armado.  Could be quite a character visually in the comedy scenes.

Forester: a few lines; could be a female peasant.

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